We provide integrated systems for industry and trade.

One technology
Many opportunities

From change management to quality management.

Technical Product Consultation

Based on joint detected requirements we evaluate the required technical solutions

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Process Consulting

The use of new technologies often means a reconfiguration of your processes

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Project Management

The project manager is responsible for the stringent development and implementation of the prime measures to conduct the project In-Time and In-Budget

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Change Management

Change management means for us: To shape an innovative technology with traceability of information

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Interface Management

Inter-divisional communication along the process, cross-company communication along the process, to connect internal and external information flow intelligent without media disruption

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Quality Management

For a good quality management, a digital information management is essential. The mix of innovative technology, consistent information flow and the targeted information conditioning ensure an optimal quality management for you

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Industrial Representatives

Your products and our relation management = your value

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Progress Chaser

If there are problems with the timely supply of your company, fast action with the necessary experience is required

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Current topics & events around the RFID VISION GmbH.

The RFID technology in the mobile seat

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Digitized Supply Chain

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RFID VISION GmbH authorized for "go-digital"

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Our Team

We evaluate based on common detected requirements the necessary technical solutions.

Technical Service

Klaus Dick

Mechanical Engineer

klaus.dick@rfid.vision + Profile

Business Development

Karl-Ewald Junge

karl.junge@rfid.vision + Profile


Jan Krzyzanski

jan.krzyzanski@rfid.vision + Profile

International Relations

Alicia Wahlberg

Bachelor of Arts

alicia.wahlberg@rfid.vision + Profile

Supply Chain Management

Daniel Dick

Master of Science

daniel.dick@rfid.vision + Profile

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